Sunday, February 16, 2014


Starting 2014 with one more fun piece of pallet art - literally! Then, in my next blog, I will provide step by step instructions for a watercolor painting.

I am enjoying using slats from an old pallet and I wanted to find a way to make another sign and find something to do with old paint brushes! I never have the heart to throw away old paint brushes......they hold fun memories.

Supplies needed for the above sign:

1 piece of pallet
White paint
Black paint
old paint brushes

Using the old pallet slat: I painted it with a wash of white paint and allowed it to dry. I painted block letters spelling A-R-T vertically on the pallet, leaving some extra space at the bottom of the sign for the paint brushes. When dry, using medium sand paper I sanded down the edges and in random spots on the sign....sanding down to expose the unpainted pallet underneath.

Arrange several paint brushes under the lettering and glue into place. When dry - hang! You have a wonderful pallet art sign!

Happy Painting!