Sunday, October 12, 2008

Get Ready to Paint

Once you have obtained your supplies......what's next? If you purchased a large plastic palette for your paints, you will want to prepare it before you fill it with paint. The watercolor paint will bead up in the center mixing area if it is not prepared first. Use a pot scrubber or small piece of sandpaper and scratch the surface of the mixing area until it loses its shine. Wipe the "dust" from the surface with a moist paper towel. Now, when pigment and water is applied to the mixing area, it will not bead up. Before paint is placed in the paint wells, write the name of the paint at the top edge of each well so that the colors can be distinguished from one another and refilled with the same color. Above is a photo of my palette.

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Solitary Dancer said...

Thanks to Dad for pointing me to your blog. I don't know much about painting but it will be fun to see what you share.