Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Aid or Watercolor Painting? Part 2

The following will answer a question from Gin on how to paint the picture below:

The large trees are masked in using liquid masking fluid before any watercolor is placed on the paper. Then I painted in the following order:
1. The sky was put in down to the background foliage. The mountains were added on top of the sky at a later step.
2. The background foliage was added using the surgical gauze technique.
3. The background mountains and distant evergreens were added.
4. The snow shadows were floated in.
5. The masking was removed from the foreground trees and then they were painted.
6. Details were added last.


Gin said...

Thanks a million!!! I think I'll try this one next!!! :))

I just love your blog!!

Mary said...

I love your Blog, Karen! Cousin Mary

MauiArtist said...

Aloha from Maui . . . I tried the gauze technique a coupe of times and got poor results. Does the paper need to be really wet? Do you use fairly well saturated pigment when the paper is still wet (wet into wet over the gauze)? Thanks so much for posting this info! Carmen