Sunday, October 24, 2010

How to Paint Rust!

How to Paint a Rusty Hinge Using Sand Texturization
One of my favorite things in watercolor painting is using different "things" to create texture.  In this instance, sand is used to give the appearance of rust.  This is the technique I used in my painting above.  Below are the steps involved:

• Sketch the hinge.

• Begin with a flat wash applied to a damp surface and let it dry thoroughly. This needs to be the base color of the iron. I use a mixture of indigo (sepia and ultramarine mixed together) and burnt sienna.

• Over the dry base color, stroke on a varied wash of yellow ochre, burnt sienna, and touches of indigo.

• Sprinkle sand over the wet wash.


• Remove the sand by brushing off with either your hand or an old toothbrush.

• Add details using a wet on dry technique. A wet on wet technique will “dissolve” your texturization.

• Spattering can be used to add texture as well as scraping paint off with the craft knife.

Watercolor tip:
Do not try to peek at your painting under the sand UNTIL the paint drys! 

Happy Painting!

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Ally Lifewithally said...

I have never imagined needing to paint rust ~ but it would look great on one of those old Farm gates ~ and very effective ~ Ally x