Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frosty Windows!

Frosty Morn
Watercolor 11" x 15" Mats to 16" x 20"

In my watercolor painting above, Frosty Morn, the windows were "frosted" using a fun technique.

The painting was lightly sketched in using a ruler to make straight lines for the window panes.  The wooden part of the panes was masked out using art masking tape.   The snow can be masked using masking fluid. 

NOTE:  Artist tape is much easier to use then masking fluid when straight lines are needed. 

Instructions for "frosting" a window:
  • It is important that you pre-wet the area of the window pane, but not the snow at the lower section of each frame. 
  • Pre-wet these sections using a flat brush. 
  • You will want to apply pigment to these areas while the surface area is wet and shiny.  Apply variation of hues using several shades of blues and lavender.  Remember watercolors dry lighter. 
  • Start with the top frames. 
  • While the windows are wet, place a slightly wrinkled piece of plastic wrap over the top of the paint.  Repeat this process on all window frames.   
  • The plastic wrap can be taped in place if needed.   
  • It is important you leave the plastic on the surface to form the “frost” until the surface is DRY. 
  •  If you life the plastic while the paper or the paint is wet,  the pigment will have a soft edge and will not “frost” the window panes. 
  • If the color is not as dark as you would like you can re-wet the area with clean water, apply more pigment, and plastic and let dry. 
  • When dry, remove the plastic wrap.
  • It is very tempting to lift the plastic wrap to see what is happening under the plastic wrap, but be patient - the finished result will be forth the wait.

Happy Painting!

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