Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Devil is in the Details!

Mountain Stream
Great Smoky Mountains
January 2012
Watercolor Painting
16" x 20"
The old expression, The Devil is in the Details, is often true when watercolor painting.  I am an Impressionist style painter and prefer less rather than more details.   I like a blurry, dreamlike painting rather than a photograph.  Details are a matter of personal preference and painting style. 

However, in any painting, one more brush stroke can be one brush stroke too many.   My painting above has minimal details.    Below are closeup photos of the details found in the backgroud, the tree stumps and the rocks in the above painting.

I used only a few brush strokes to indicathe bark on the tree stumps and used several different colors of paint to add detail to the bark.

The background trees were only detailed by adding a few strokes to indicate tree trunks.

Only a few details were added in the rocks as well - a dark spot or a line to indicate a crack in the rock.

So, as you paint, examine your style and add the details to create the type of painting you enjoy.  But, remember, no matter how much detail you enjoy.....the "Devil is in the Details" and you must know when to stop painting and simply enjoy your finished work!

Happy Painting!

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