Sunday, June 24, 2012

Which View Do I Paint?

On a recent visit to Ft. Loudon Historic Area, I took my camera to snap a few photos for future paintings. Since we were at the area to hike and visit the fort, I did not bring my watercolor painting supplies with me, but I always travel with my camera. I found many great subjects for paintings and wounds up with around 50 photos...some of which I can discard, but some of interesting subjects to paint.

When taking photos for a painting, look at all sorts of subjects - including the weed growing along the trail as well as the "big" subject, which in this case was the fort itself. Above is a photo of the fort showing the line of soldiers' sleeping quarters.

Below is a close up of the barracks zeroing in on my subject for today's painting.

Look at things from a different perspective to find some interesting topics for paintings.

I'll cover how to paint weathered wood and rusty locks in this painting. But, to get started, below is my sketch.

Next time you are visiting interesting places, look for the unusual will have fun painting it!

Next blog, I'll start on the wood! Until then......

Happy Painting!


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