Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rust - Created in Hours not Years!

The latch and the lock were "rusted" in two different sittings so that both items would have completely different rust patterns. The painting above shows the rusted latch and the lock in the process of drying. The process of creating the rust was demonstrated in the previous blog.

The photo above shows the removal of the sand after the paint was completely dry. I use an old toothbrush to gently remove the sand without scratching the surface of the paper. It usually takes several hours for the paint to dry completely and may take overnight to create the texture from the grains of sand. If you are not satisfied with the texture or the color, paint can be applied agin to the area and the procedure repeated.

After the sand was completely removed, the texture can be seen. The photo below shows the texture created from the sand.

Now, it is time to add detail. Areas in the shadow were darkened using a wash of Indigo, but done with a light tough. Do not overwork, or you will lose the texture just created. Highlights were scratched in with a utility knife on the points of the screws on the lock. The key hole was darkened and a small highlight scratched in.

Finally, the wood was spattered with Sepia to further add some age to the wood. The painting below is the finished product.

Happy Painting!


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