Saturday, October 27, 2012

Leaf Study - Finishing Touches

Adding the veins and imperfections in the leaf will finish our leaf study. The photo above shows both of the leaves completed. I'll also show a close up photo of each leaf to provide additional detail.

All detail work will be done using wet on dry so that the lines will remain distinct. Prepare the paint using a darker shade of the predominate leaf color with just a small amount of burnt umber to deepen.

I like to lightly sketch in the veins, small holes and imperfections with a pencil first so that I can decide if I need more or less detail. If less, it is easy to erase the pencil marks...once you have painted you are basically stuck with it. Watercolors can not be covered up like acrylics can.

The photo below shows a leaf with the veins penciled in.

Once the desired amount of detail has been penciled in, use a liner brush and a light touch to paint in the veins. The imperfections, spots and holes can be added with a number 6 brush. Again, use the predominate color of the leaf and deepen the shade by adding burnt umber and sepia. The stem is not a solid color, but shades of burnt umber and sepia.

The photos below are closer shots of the finished paintings. A leaf study is quick and easy to paint and make excellent cards or place cards for a Thanksgiving table.

Grab that brush and get busy.....fall will soon give way to winter!

Happy Painting!

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