Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mrs. Huggles

Mrs. Huggles - a Teddy Bear
9" x 12" on Arches watercolor paper

Now that everyone is up to speed on painting fur from last week's blog, as promised, this blog will provide instruction on painting the teddy paint painting above. 
Supplies Needed:
Watercolor paper (I used Arches 140 lb. paper – 9” x 12” size)
Watercolor board
Masking tape to anchor paper
  • Round brush – your choice of size
  • Liner brush or script brush
  • Fan brush
Paint:  colors of your choice.  I used the following on the fur in the painting above:
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Burnt Umber
  • Sepia
  • Payne’s Gray
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Rose Madder

Painting Instructions:
Lightly sketch in the shape of the bear. 

Wet the area round the bear on the right side up to the ear and head and under the bear.   I used a wash of Rose Madder to match the color used in the bow.  Apply the wash using a round brush and deepen the areas under the bear for shadows.  Let this paint flow freely.  Allow to dry.

Body of Bear:
Base Coat:
Use a round brush and various shades of fur color (Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Sepia, Payne’s Gray) and apply a wash of color on the bear.  Use darker colors to deepen the fur in areas around arms, legs, paws and around the bow.    Paint the pads of the paws with a light wash of Payne’s Gray and Yellow Ochre. 
Using the same colors above and the method in the previous blog, paint the fur.  Be certain to vary the color and build from light to dark.  Refer to the photo above.  Allow to dry.    Caution:  Don’t get carried away….a light hand is often better when painting fur!
Eyes and Nose:
Nose:  Use a round brush and a wash of Payne’s Gray to paint the nose.  Leave some areas lighter than others and allow a little white to show through.
Eyes:  Outline the outer edge of the eye with Payne’s Gray and paint the pupil of the eye with Payne’s Gray as well.  Allow to dry.  Using Burnt Umber and Yellow Ocher, paint the iris of the eye.  Allow to dry.  Using a craft knife, scratch a white spot on each pupil. 
I used Rose Madder and painted a plaid bow.  Allow the lines of the paint to follow the shape of the bow.  Deepen the area in the center for shadow.  Allow to dry.
Sign your painting!  Congratulations!

Happy Painting!

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