Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's Winter! Let's Enjoy It!

With winter comes cold, snow or rain, less daylight and not as much time for fun activities outdoors. But, plenty of time to sketch and paint. With our paintings we can travel to warm climates or create cold ones with just a stroke of the brush. So let's enjoy winter - pick up that brush and paint!

On this winter day, the painting below will transport us to summer with hummingbirds enjoying the nectar from our garden flowers.

Watercolor Tip:
The background foliage was painted on very wet paper so that the shape of the leaves and stems blended into the background to shift the focus of the painting to the hummingbird and the foreground flowers. This blurred background makes the bird and the flowers the focal point of the viewer's eye.

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Dad said...

Hi Cousin, Your paintings just keep getting more beautiful. What a talent you have! Love, Mary and Dad