Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It is exciting to anticipate all the adventures a New Year will bring! I am looking forward to holding my watercolor classes in a new location starting in January. My classes will be held at First Baptist Church - Fisherville in Memphis, TN starting Saturday, January 10th with both beginner and advanced classes.

With all the ice and snow in so many parts of the world, I thought I would start the New Year out by sharing my painting titled "Caribbean Winter Sunset." It is fun to imagine winter on an island away from the ice and snow! Although I am mountain girl at heart, I love the feel of sand under my feet and sound of the waves. So, enjoy a trip to the sand and surf by painting this beach scene!

Watercolor Tip:
The sky in the painting above is a variegated wash with colors applied to wet paper to allow the colors to blend. The sun was masked out so that it would retain its shape and brightness.

Happy New Year!

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