Thursday, December 4, 2008

Watercolor Christmas Cards

Each year, I paint Christmas cards for my family and friends. Included in this post are several photos of cards I have painted for this Christmas. Below are some tips for painting Christmas cards.

1. Determine size of card wanted. Be certain to make a card the size that will fit an envelop which can be purchased at an office supply store.

2. Measure and mark the size of the card on watercolor paper. Cut using sharp scissors.

4. Sketch design on card. Simple designs often look better than elaborate designs.

5. Paint design on card. Don’t forget to sign your name and date.

6. Finish by tying ribbon or trim on card. If desired, use ruler and line up one side edge of card for “antique” edge. Tear paper slowly.

If simply designs are selected, the cards can be painted in "assembly line" fashion using one color at a time before cleaning the brush.
Below is my "Old Smoky" Christmas card.

Now, the cards are finished...if I can just find time to address the envelops and get them in the mail.

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Terry Banderas said...

I like your Christmas cards. It's a great idea for those of us who can draw or paint to give something with a personal touch. My problem is that I need to start doing these in summer and not wait until November or December.