Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Minute Christmas Gifts - Handpainted Bookmarks

I like to paint bookmarks as gifts. They make an excellent gift with a personal touch that are quick and easy to make, yet are something a little special since they are handmade. Below are instructions on painting the bookmarks. The bookmark shown above was made as a Christmas gift; however, by simply changing the picture on the bookmark you can make a special gift for any occasion.

How to Paint Bookmarks

1) Tape down the paper, measure and draw the size of the bookmarks on the sheet. Depending upon the size of the paper, you can probably get 7 bookmarks from one sheet. Draw or transfer the picture on each of the bookmark sections.

2) Using a large flat brush, apply an overall wash with yellow ocher leaving the color more intense at the top of the paper and gradually becoming lighter at the bottom. Allow to dry.

3) Spatter the entire sheet of bookmarks using a darker shade of yellow ocher or a light brown.

4) Using a #4 round brush paint the red ribbon lightly with a simple controlled wash. Allow to dry. Add the shaded areas of the ribbon.

5) Wash the pine cones with a light yellow. Paint the details on the pine cones with dark brown.

6) Apply a controlled wash over the holly stems and leaves using a mixture of green and yellow. Allow to dry and add detail with a bit more green. Be certain to leave the edges slighter as this is what will create a variegated effect.

7) Paint the berries with a bright red. Using a liner brush, dab in the darker shadows and final details.

8) Allow the bookmark to dry completely. Sign your name! Cut the bookmarks apart. Punch a hole in the top and add a piece of gold cord or ribbon cut to desire length. CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed your painting – your bookmarks are ready for gift giving!

9) The bookmark can be given as is or color copies can be made at a copy store and then laminated for gift giving.


Anonymous said...

Karen the book marks are just beautiful!When you have time, I was wondering if I could order and buy a few? You have a marvelous talent. Love Mary and Dad

Jim White said...

Your water color art is just beautiful. I love it. Wish you lived closer so you could teach me.