Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gift Bags and Tags - Paint Your Own!

You've finished your shopping and it is time to wrap up all those presents! But, you find that you have run out of paper or gift bags. I have a simple solution - paint your own! I like to make my own gift bags and tags for a simple, inexpensive, but personal touch to gift giving. I have included some photos in this blog of examples of Christmas gift bags. Like the bookmarks and cards, these gift bags and tags can be made for any occasion by simply changing the picture. Included in this blog are some samples of bags I painted this year. Below are instructions for painting the gift bags and tags.
Hand painted Gift Bags and Tags

1. Brown and white lunch bags can be used as well as purchased gift bags that are solid in color. White or brown ones work better than other colors because they allow don’t overpower the paint or the design.

2. Determine the design you would like to place on the bag.

3. Sketch design on bag. Simple designs look better than elaborate designs. Since these are gift bags, do not invest lots of time or effort into the design and painting. Usually, these bags will be discarded after use.

4. Paint design on bag. When using watercolor paints, do not use too much water or the paint may seep through the bag and stain the back side. Designs can be painted on both sides of the bag or only on one side. Check while painting to see if you need to slip a piece of cardboard inside the bag to prevent paint seepage. Don't overwork the paint; a few brush stokes will add character to the design.

5. Don’t forget to sign your name and date.

6. To make the handles: Punch holes in the top of the bag and reinforce with tape to prevent tearing when used. Cut ribbon, yarn, or jute to desired length and place through holes from the outside to the inside of the bag. Tie knots or tape the ribbon to the inside of the bag.

7. Before securing both sides of the handle to the bag. Prepare a gift card cut from matching paper and painted in the same design. Punch a hole through the gift tag, place through one of the handles and secure on the inside of the bag.

1. Congratulation! Your gift bag is complete. These bags can be prepared for seasonal giving or any occasion determined by the design on the bag and tag.

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Tennessee Granddaddy said...

Karen, you are so talented! I am continually amazed by your artistic abilities. The water color of the birds is absolutely beautiful.

I hope you, Pat and Shawn are having a wonderful Christmas holiday together!