Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let It Snow!

Our painting is now complete except for the snow and the bunny tail! Make a wash of white paint. Note: White paint is rarely used in watercolor painting. The white of the paper is allow to produce most of the white spaces in watercolors. However, when snow on top of an object is needed, white paint can be used. The wash is applied with an old toothbrush although a flat brush can also be used. I prefer a toothbrush. Don't make the wash too "wet" or it will not fall on your painting in a snow-like mist, but in large drops. If you are not familiar with this technique, practice on another surface first, such as paper towels, old cardboard, etc. Cover any areas with paper towels that you do not want to apply snow. Apply the "snow" to the painting. Allow to dry then add the bunny tail. The bunny tail is the tip end of a Q-Tip applied using school glue.

Sign your painting! Your "Bunny in the Evergreen" is now complete! I painted this as a Christmas card.

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Dad said...

Karen, I just love your blog. The videos are great. You have a special talent not only in painting but in teaching. Love from your cousin,Mary