Monday, November 10, 2008

Painting an Evergreen Tree and Bunny

I attempted to upload a video demonstrating the techniques used in painting an evergreen tree. However, there appears to be some difficulty with Blogger when downloading larger videos. I will describe the technique and try to video a shorter version to post at a later date.

I have switched brushes to a smaller 1/2 inch flat brush and have prepared 3 shades of paint - Sap Green, Hookers Green Deep and a mix of Hookers Green Deep and Ultramarine Blue. The lightest shade is painted first with deeper color applied in layers...leaving some of the lighter areas to show through. The deepest shade is applied last at the trunk area and on the branches to create shadows. The paint is applied in short strokes starting at the top of the tree and working down and from the center and lifting the brush to the outside creating the branches. The branches should be uneven...not completely symmetrical. The tree is allowed to dry before painting the trunk. The video below will demonstrate painting the trunk and the small bunny under the tree branches and you will be able to see the completed tree.

Once the branches of the tree have dried, use a #4 round brush to paint the tree trunk and small bunny. I used Raw Sienna for both. Paint the tree trunk and while still wet touch in a darker brown shade (I used Sepia) on the right side of the trunk to add texture to the trunk and create a shadow. Use a wet brush only and pull a little of the paint from the bunny where the head and neck meet to shape and contour the bunny. This is not a detailed bunny, but rather the illusion of a bunny hiding under the tree branches. Once the bunny dries, the flat brush can be used to add a branch or two across the bunny to place it under the shelter of the tree and ground it to the painting. The video below illustrates this section of the painting. My next post will add shadows and shape the snow.

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Skip and Vick said...

Hi Karen, We love your videos on water color... Vick check frequently to see if you've posted another she can watch. She loves painting. Keep up the good work & when you can, stop by our blog and grab your award we've given you. Regards, Skip & Vicki