Sunday, April 26, 2009

Taking a Vacation? Don't Leave your paints at home!

Now that winter is behind us, vacations are just around the corner. Whether you take a day or two off and stay home or plan an exciting trip away from home, don't forget to take your love of watercolor painting with you. It is exciting to paint "on location," and you can make simple sketches and photos for later painting or take your paints with you and paint on your trip. Since space is usually limited when traveling, I pack a small pack of watercolor paper, a sketch book, two brushes (#6 round and a liner brush), a small plastic cup for water, watercolor pencils---and my digital camera. If you forget your camera, buy postcards! Postcards are an excellent way to get some good ideas for a painting.

I find that my choices are never limited for what I would like to paint. Make sketches and photos from several different angles. It is always a good idea to work from a selection of photos of the same subject if you are not painting on site.

The painting above was painted "on location" using watercolor pencils.

Watercolor tip:
You do not have to paint everything you see! Select a part of the scene that has a point of interest which attracts you. Remember a group looking at the same scene will see something different. This is your painting, make it yours by putting what you see and what you feel is important in the painting.

Enjoy your painting - whether at home or on a trip!

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