Saturday, April 4, 2009

Are you ready for a challenge?

My painting above, titled Village Lane, is a good challenge in mixing color. This painting is created using a limited palette of only two colors: Windsor Blue and Burnt Sienna. These two colors are nearly opposite on the color wheel and mixes of them will provide a wide range of colors including some good dark colors. When these darks are placed adjacent to light areas a wonderful sunlight effect can be achieved.

This painting is an exercise in mixing paint and producing a variety of colors. Light shades of the colors can be made by adding additional water. The amounts of each color mixed vary to produce browns, greens, deep blue-greens and orange shades.

Although it seems impossible to paint this picture using only two colors, mixing paints can indeed produce the colors used in this painting. It does take practice and mainly "trial and error" to find just the right shade to use.

If this is your first attempt at mixing colors, I would suggest that you use a large area of your palette and place Windsor Blue at one end and the Burnt Sienna at the other. The area between the two colors can be used as your mixing area. Be patient and don't give up. The colors are in, as the artist, must bring them out!

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