Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm ready for Spring!

I'm ready for Spring, so I decided to paint a small watercolor of poppies! I saw a photo of these flowers on a greeting card that I had purchased and made myself a quick painting before I mailed the card. That was one way to have to finish a painting quickly...I had to mail the card!

I drew a sketch of the flowers and painted the background in first working around the flowers and leaves. I did not mask the flowers or leaves. I used wet on wet for the background, but after the background had dried, I dry brushed in some darker shades of the background color to add texture. The flowers were painted using wet on wet and I allowed the paints to blend on the page. This was accomplished by dropping color into color on each petal. Paint alternating petals allowing the petals to dry. Working on the next petal before one has dried will cause the paint to run together and the petals will not be distinct and separate, but one continuous blend of color. After the petals dried, I dry brushed in some detail. The leaves and center of the flower were painted last and details were added after the paint was dry.

This is a simple and quick painting....a fun way to bring Spring into your home when the weather outside is not quite Spring-like!

Happy Painting!

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