Friday, March 20, 2009

Gritty Textures

The painting above demonstrates the use of sand texturization to create "gritty" textures in paintings.

Any kind of sand can be used as long as it is clean and does not contain any "concrete" additives. Garden sand or play sand is what I usually use as it is easily found at a home or garden store and the remainder can be used in the garden. Fill up a container to keep in your art studio. I have even been known to dig some up in my garden when I did not have any in my studio!

After the hinge was sketched, a flat wash was applied to damp paper and allowed to dry thoroughly. This creates the base color for the hinge. I used a pale mix of indigo and burnt sienna. Over the base, stroke on a varied wash of yellow ochre, burnt sienna, and touches of indigo.

Here's the fun part! Sprinkle sand over the wet wash. See example painting. This must dry completely. Remove the sand by brushing off with either your hand or an old toothbrush. The sand has created the rust on your hinge.

Finish painting the hinge using a wet on dry technique. A wet on wet technique will dissolve your rust. Do not overwork this area. Scraping paint off using a craft knife will add highlights to your painting and a little spatter will add more character.

Helpful hint: I usually put my painting in a box to sprinkle on the sand as sand just seems to get everywhere!

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