Sunday, March 15, 2009

Garden Gate - Background foliage

Step One:

Finished Painting:

The photo above shows the first stage in painting the Garden Gate. After a rough sketch of the painting, the gate was masked in using artist's tape. The background foliage is first washed in with a light shade of green - I like Sap Green.

Watercolor tip:
I have found that Sap Green is a different shade when produced by different manufacturers (name brands). I prefer the shade of Sap Green by Grumbacher.

After the wash has been laid in and before it dries, sponge in various shades of green. Try mixing a little Ultramarine Blue with Hookers' Green and sponging that in along with a brownish green made from Sap Green and Burnt Umber along with Sap Green. This will provide depth to the painting and indicate shadows and branches. As the paint dries the sponge textures become more distinct. Don't overwork this area.

Be certain to work around the areas where the flowers will be placed.

Next week, we'll remove the tape and complete the painting.

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