Saturday, August 15, 2009

Granny's Rocker

Although the painting above is a very simple one, it is one of my favorites. What makes this painting stand out for me is the quilt. I love patchwork quilts and always admire the stitching and creativity of the fabric artist when piecing together a quilt.

This painting was created using only 5 colors. Paynes Gray and Ultramarine was used for the chair; the remainder of the colors were used in the quilt. The quilt was painted first, then the chair, and the shadows were put in last. The quilt is the most colorful part of this painting making it the focal point and the chair is simply its prop.

Watercolor tip:
When painting the quilt, don't use much detail. The detail is implied by simply adding paint to the wet surface. First paint the folds in the quilt using Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna - this creates the shadows made by the folds. Then block in the quilt squares and let the paint bleed. Use only a 3-4 colors so it does not look to busy or become muddy.

Line work details on the quilt blocks can be added after the area has dried completely.

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