Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hint of Fall in the Air!

There's a hint of Fall in the air with cooler temperatures, school starting back, and shorter daylight hours. In my watercolor classes I like to teach my students a painting that depicts the season. I wanted my beginning watercolor students to have a Fall painting that would teach them basic techniques while giving them a high level of success.

I decided pumpkins on a wooden bench would do just that. This painting teaches how to lay down a wash as well as blending and layering colors. Sketching this painting is easy as well - circles and lines.

Watercolor tip:
I painted the pumpkins a light yellow first leaving a few white highlights. While still wet I dropped in various shades of orange and sienna dropping in the darker colors in the shadow areas and leaving the highlights bright.

Get ready for Fall - there are wonderful Fall painting waiting to be done!

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