Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Tea" Time

In the painting above, I used "tea" texture on the pottery to add some "age" and to help accentuate the crack. In addition to texture, the tea mix added color and shine.

Texturing your painting with instant iced tea mix is similar to using salt or sand. However, when instant iced tea mix is used, in addition to texture a color stain is also deposited.

The effects will vary according to the following factors:
• How wet the paint is, and
• How thickly or thinly the mix is distributed.

How and why does it work?
Iced tea mix is granulated like salt and will leave texture. Tea is very staining and will also leave a brown stain on the paper after any residue is brushed off when dry.

What is important to remember when using this technique?
Practice first before it is used on a painting so that the amount of iced tea mix and water can be determined for your specific application.

When should this technique be used?
Use this technique when a painting calls for texture and color, such as pottery, rocks, trees, leaves, etc. One of the students in my watercolor class used this technique to add texture and color to a pear in a still life she was painting. It turned out great. Tracy, hope you like the results!

Use only unsweetened tea mix - without flavors, sugar, or artificial sweetener.

Another student suggested instant coffee. I have not tried that yet, but I happen to have a sample of instant coffee which I will never drink! I'll just have to try that and see what results I get. Thanks, Susan, for the suggestion! If anyone has tried instant coffee, let me know how that works.

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Joan said...

What a beautiful painting! I do not paint but I do appreciate the beauty others are able to express. I like the idea that you used tea to create this beautiful piece.