Saturday, September 19, 2009

Using a Palette Knife with Watercolor Painting

Use of a palette knife in watercolor painting is much different than using a palette knife in oils or acrylics.

In the watercolor painting on the left titled Wake Up Call, I used a palette knife to scrap in feathers. The scaly lines in the feet are scraped in using the palette knife as well as a few veins in the grass growing through the fence.

The rooster on the right titled Fighting Mad, was painted in oils using only a palette knife - no brush at all. All paint was applied using the palette knife.

Watercolor tip
When using a palette knife with watercolor paint, you must scrap in your lines/design while the paint is still wet. A palette knife can also be used to put in small lines, such a grasses or small, fine tree limbs.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the watercolour is a happy that makes me smile. I love your work Karen, I got this link from Dad (Ray) and I enjoy stopping by from time to time. By the way, do you sell these paintings somewhere?
Vicki in Birmingham

Anonymous said...

I used your rooster for a mock artshow as one of the paintings I would put in if I were the curator. I loved the palette in watercolors!