Saturday, November 7, 2009

Autumn Cascades

I love the mountains - any time of year, but Fall in the mountains brings such brilliant colors that one can't help but smile and be happy!

This painting is one of many mountain streams in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. When looking at this painting, I can almost hear the rushing water, feel the cool air, and the warm sunshine.

My favorite part of this painting was creating the rocks!

The rocks are painted with a wash of raw umber, burnt umber, ultramarine. Light washes are added with the darker colors added to the bottom, sides and edges of the rocks. Clean water was applied to the drying paint to add texture. The water pushes the paint outwards, breaking up its regular drying pattern, scattering the particles of paint. As they dry, the “watermark” can be seen, providing an appearance of wetness and texture.

The water is mostly "illusion." Much white area is left...the more white area, the faster the water appears to be moving. Water rarely flows in a straight line. Tiny flecks of paint can also be scrapped of with a knife when dry to add reflected sunlight.

Enjoy painting this one - you'll hearing the rushing water too!

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