Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter's Hope

Winter's Hope

The painting above titled, Winter's Hope, is another holiday season painting. Although this tree is standing alone in a winter snow storm, we see a small splash of red - a small bird on a branch. This hope of love and life depicted by the redbird on the limb reminds me of the holiday season and the love and hope given to us by Jesus' birth.

This painting is a simple sketch of a tree. The tree was masked off. I used masking tape rather than liquid masking fluid because of the large size of my tree. This was painted on 11 x 14 paper. My favorite part of this painting was the background. I painted wet on wet with a base of clean water. Blues were washed in and a drop or two of brunt umber. I sprinkled in a little salt to make my snow flakes. I like the way the salt miraculously paints the snow.

Perhaps because I live in the South, I love snow. We don't have many days with snow in the winter, so I have to enjoy snow however I I paint it!

Enjoy the holidays and don't forget to take time to paint!

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Poetic Soul said...

i really loved the picture and wanted it for my upcoming poetry book. can i know, who does this belong to and how can i get in touch for copyright issues? my email id is:

would be of great help, if you respond back! thanks!