Friday, January 1, 2010


Soulful Reflections
Charcoal Pastels on grey paper by Karen Cooke - 9" x 12"
Artist's private collection

The start of each new year calls for reflection on the year past and a commitment for renewal and growth in the coming year.   As we take stock of where we are currently, remember to be proud of accomplishments and growth no matter how small and set goals for the coming year - both personally and artistically.

As I review 2009, I ask myself these questions:

  1. Did I paint as much as I had planned?  Absolutely not!  No matter how much I enjoy and plan to paint daily; everyday life, jobs, and commitments, kept getting in the way.

  2. Can I draw or paint more in 2010?  Positively!  I will schedule more time for painting, just like I schedule time for grocery shopping, doctors' appointments, etc. The time is mine to prioritize in any way I see fit.

  3. Did I  make mistakes in my painting?  Of course!  But, I learned from those mistakes and am a better artist because of them.  Happy mistakes make some of the best paintings!

As I plan my goals for 2010, I am reminded of a comment by one of my watercolor students when a painting does not turn out as planned.  "It's only paper!"  So live each day with an unlimited supply of paper.  Don't be afraid to start over on a new day.   It's only paper -- each day and each sheet is yours to create!

Happy Painting and Happy New Year!

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Mandy said...

It's only paper. I like that! I'm certainly no artist, but I can live my life that way too. Each morning we wake up with a clean sheet, and it's up to us to fill that page with positive thoughts and good memories!

Thanks for the inspiration! Happy New Year!