Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

Sunny Side Up

Watercolor 8" x 10" Mats to 11" x 14"

Since today is the first day of Spring, I wanted to share a spring painting with everyone.  A Shasta Daisy is an early bloomer and is a fun and simple subject to celebrate Spring!

This painting combines details with a controlled wash.    I did not mask off the flowers but this can be done if you are a little tentative about painting around the flower.  The background is done in a wash of several colors:  blue, greens and yellows.  The green and yellow background provide an out of focus field of daisies surrounding the detailed flowers. 

Watercolor tip:
Keep the background fairly dark to lift the foreground subject off of the page.

In my area, we are experiencing a nice, sunnny, and warm first day of Spring!  I hope you are too!  If not, grab that paintbrush - Spring is only a brushstroke away!

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