Saturday, March 27, 2010

Paris, anyone?

On s Street in Paris
Watercolor 8" x 10" Mats to 11" x 14"

Even if we can't visit Paris whenever we would like, we can create a scene in our minds.  I liked this simple street sign in Paris on an old stone building with the metal sign showing wear and rust.

I masked out the white areas using masking fluid---all the numbers and letters as well as the sign border edges.  I was able then to paint the blue and green of the sign without worring about keeping a straight line.  The sign was painted first, then the building.   I added the rust last.

Watercolor tip
The building background was painted and allowed to dry.  The darker green stone colors were sponged on using a simple kitchen sponge with wonderfully straight lines.  I did not mask out the spaces between the blocks on the painting. I simply carefully placed the sponge.

So, take a visit to Paris - one way or another!

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