Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Shopping for an Artist?

It is that time of year to be Christmas shopping.  Many of you may be shopping for an artist and would like to have a few ideas of what to buy.  If you are shopping for a beginning watercolor artist or if you are thinking about trying watercolor painting yourself, I would recommend the following for a "starter" set:
  • A set of watercolor paints.  A basic set usually contains the colors used most often.  I would recommend one of the higher quality brand of paints as these colors are truer and contain more pigment.  If the person wishes to continue with this hobby, additional colors can be added.
  • For starters, a watercolor artist can create a painting using only 3 brushes: a large flat brush 1" or 2" wide, a #6 round brush, and a small #1 round or liner brush for details. 
  • Watercolor paper:  I would recommend Arches 140 lb weight paper - 11" x 15"
  • A sketch pencil and kneaded eraser
  • Sketch board (large enough to hold the size paper purchased).  A presentation board can be used which is considerably less expensive than a sketch board. 
  • Misc. items that are inexpensive or can be found around the house.  (Container for water, paper towels for cleanup, paper/plastic plates for palette, and masking tape).
These are basic supplies and can be purchased at any art supply store.  Many stores offer 40-50% off coupons on a regular basis which makes trying watercolor painting and Christmas shopping cost less. 

Have fun shopping for an artist OR give painting a try yourself!

Happy Painting!


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