Sunday, December 4, 2011

How NOT to Paint?

Peppermint Twist
Watercolor painting by
Karen A. Cooke
How NOT to paint?  How crazy! 

Actually, this title is to illustrate a point that many times what is left "white" or unpainted is as important, and in many cases,  more important than what is painted. 

The painting above demonstrates this.  A sketch was made of a few pieces of peppermint candy.  The sketch was not very detailed and the emphasis was on the placement of color and shadow.  The areas of white, or places left unpainted, were as important as the areas of paint.  Without the white areas, the painting would not have taken shape. 

I used light washes of Windsor Blue, Scarlet with a little bit of Naples yellow.  The entire painting was done with varying washes and intensities of these three colors.  Many areas were left unpainted, and the eye makes the connection of the stripes and the wrapping.   Although the wrapping is every obviously present, it was only painted by use of shadows and light washes.

At this time of year when peppermints can be easily found, grab a few peppermints and a paintbrush and see if you can learn how NOT to paint!

Happy Painting!

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