Saturday, February 11, 2012

It May Be Snowing, but..........

Spring watercolors

It may be snowing n your area, but we can dream about Spring......and paint it too!

I have been working on some cards, bookmarks and small paintings using Spring subjects.  The items above are a sample of a few of these items.  These are easy and fun to create.  They satisfy my tendency to paint Impressionist style works as well as add a little detail for interest.

I started out by creating my background by applying a wash of clean water on the entire sheet of paper.  Once the shine had disappeared, I dropped the colors I wanted for my background flowers and greenery, plus a bit of "blue sky" too.  Random placement on your paper makes for a better and more realist "flower garden!"

Watercolor Tip
Prepare all of the colors you plan to use BEFORE you apply to water to your paper.  Once the paper is wet, it is necessary to work quickly in order for the colors to mix and swirl.

Let the background dry completely.  After the background is dry, select the areas where you would like to add butterflies, ladybugs, stems, etc.  I cut my large sheet of paper into smaller sections to prepare cards and bookmarks; however, a large sheet of paper can be used to create a large painting.

So, pick up that paint brush and paint yourself into Spring!

Happy Painting!


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