Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quick as a Rabbit!

Pencil Sketch

Sketching?  Why?
Sketching is a shorthand form of drawing - a way of putting a thought, feeling, or object down on paper as "quick as a rabbit!"  This quick and easy way of getting ideas down on paper is an important part of training to become a better artist.  Sketching develops your mind's eye and your hand coordination.  It is a way of making a clearer study of the things around you.  The sketches can be used as a study of ideas for paintings or drawings or can simply stand alone. 

What Do I Sketch?
Keep an open mind and rely in your creative nature to discover unusual items.  Look around your house - you will find interesting objects every where.  You may want to draw from sight or take photos from which to draw.   My sketch above is of one of the many rabbits we have in our yard.  I have taken many photos and used a photo for the sketch.  These little fellows are just too fast to sketch without using a photo!   The following are a few tips to ensure successful sketching:
  1. Choose a subject that appeals to you - then you will be willing to spend some time drawing it.
  2. Select something with texture and design.
  3. Adjust your technique to fit the subject (lose, bold strokes or tight, controlled, delicate strokes).

What Do I Need?
The "equipment" needed for sketching is minimal.....a few pencils, paper, and an eraser.  I sketch book with a hard back is easiest to use and will keep you sketches in one place.  This gives you an opportunity to look back at your sketches for reference and be amazed at your improvement and skill. 

Why am I talking about sketching on a watercolor painting blog?  You don't have to be great at drawing to be successful in painting.  BUT, the more one draws and sketches, the more observant one becomes and the more creative the painting becomes........and the most important part.....IT'S FUN!

Happy Sketching!

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