Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Sunshine - Part 2

Fall started yesterday, so I figured it was time to finish up my sunflower table. Last blog I had the pattern drawn and transferred to the table using white chalk. This provided me with a great outline that can be dusted off and not become a permanent part of my painting. If more detail is needed for a pattern, chalk is not the method to use. This sunflower painting was not planned to be detailed, but a whimsical painting of a fun flower.

I used the following colors of acrylic paint:

- lemon yellow
- medium yellow
-yellow ochre
-raw sienna
-burnt sienna
-burnt umber

Using a flat 1/2 inch brush and lemon yellow, I painted the outline of the petals using large sweeping strokes. I added medium yellow in various places in the petals to show slight variations in color and used yellow ochre at the base of each petal - again using large sweeping strokes. I allowed some of the table color to show through giving a somewhat transparent look to add to the whimsical quality.

The photo below shows the table partially complete with the petals roughed in and a start on the center.

After I was satisfied with the color of the petals, I put a stroke or two of burnt sienna on a few of the petals for shadows.

The center of the sunflower was painted next. I used a large round stippling brush and tapped on the paint using a dry brush and several shades of paint...raw sienna, burnt sienna, and burnt umber. Use a light touch and add a few taps of black to deepen a few areas of the center.

After I was satisfied with the painting, I allowed the paint to dry at least 24 hours and applied a spray clean sealant to the top surface. Before sealing, brush off any bits of chalk left on the surface. This will set the paint and protect the surface from use. This sunny table will brighten up any room through the cold winter months ahead!

Happy Painting!

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