Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Sunshine

Fall is my favorite time of year and is also the season for late blooming flowers - like sunflowers. I have many pictures of sunflowers created in watercolor, acrylics, and pastels on canvas or paper. This time my surface for the painting will be a small table that I am repurposing for my art studio. I have an antique "half table" that I am not using and need a small table to keep my brushes within easy reach when painting.

Yes, I could use the table "as is," but I wanted something fun in my art studio.

I prepared a template the size of the table top and and drew the sunflower on my template. See the photo below of the table and template.

The next step is to transfer the template to the table. Since the table is already finished in a medium oak and I don't plan to base paint the table in a different color, I need to be able to transfer to this surface. One can purchase a transfer paper in light colors to transfer to darker surfaces, but I don't need a detailed copy of my design. Therefore, I rubbed the back of my template with white chalk. I then traced the design on the front of the template lightly to transfer the shape to the table surface. See the photo below of the transferred design.

The next step will be to paint the sunflower on the table top. I will be using acrylic paints and must decide whether or not I want a simplistic design or a more detailed sunflower.

I'll see you next time with the start of my painting. Until then, look around your garage or attic and see if you can find an old piece of furniture that needs a new use.

Happy Painting!

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