Sunday, March 24, 2013

Grist Mill - Painting the Building!

The painting is starting to take shape. Now we will start to work on the mill. I love painting old wooden buildings. Weathered wood is painted using the following colors:

-Burnt Umber
-Payne's' Gray
-Yellow Ochre

The siding of the mill as well as the cedar shake roof is painted with a light touch of color.

Paint only sections at time, allowing each section to dry before painting the next. Watch for shadows as you paint and deepen the color in those areas.

Wet one section with clean water and apply wet on wet using a wash of yellow ochre first. Don't cover the entire area in a solid shade, but allow some areas to be deeper and some lighter. While the paint is still wet, drop in Payne's Gray, Sepia, and Burnt Umber. Use a light touch since weathered wood is usually not a deep shade, but a light shade of gray with undertones of yellows and browns. Deepen the area of the siding near the roof for the shadows made by the overhang of the roof.

Paint the roof in the same manner using deeper shades of gray in some areas where the shakes overlap each other.

After the sides of the mill have dried, paint the door opening and the window opening using a wash of Payne's Gray and Sepia. Leave a section at the entrance of the door a little lighter where the light is able to enter.

The wooden path can be painted next using Payne's Gray and Burnt Umber. Again, paint wet on wet using muted colors and more of the Burnt Umber than the gray.

The water flume is painted wet on wet using a wash of Payne's Gray. Deepen the right side of the flume where it is shadowed.

The logs supporting the flume are painted using the same colors, only a deeper shade since they are in the shadows.

Next blog, we'll add more detail to the painting! Until then....

Happy Painting!

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