Sunday, April 7, 2013

Grist Mill - Painting the Water Wheel

Painting the water wheel, window shutters and the small porch over the door as well as adding shadows is our next step.

Prepare a wash of the following colors:

-Burnt Umber
-Payne's Gray

Painting the Water Wheel:
Wet the water wheel with clean water. Add the above prepared colors placing the darker shades in the shaded areas. After this paint dries, go back and deepen the shaded areas to indicate the spokes of the wheel.

Painting the Shutters, Porch, and Water Flume:
While this paint dries, add the finishing touches to the window shutters and the small porch. Using a dry brush and Burnt Umber, add grain lines to the water flume.

Painting the Shadows:
After the water wheel is dry, wet the part of the building surrounding the water wheel and drop in some Burnt Umber to indicate the areas of the building wet from the splashing water. Allow to dry.

Next blog, we will finish our painting - adding the details to the trees and our mill.

Until then - Happy Painting!

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