Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pour It On - Step 2

The background paint from the last blog has dried. If you are not satisfied with the intensity of the color, you can pour more paint onto the paper to deepen the background. I wanted a muted background; therefore, I did not add any additional paint.

Once you are satisfied with the background color, it is time to remove the masking from the painting. I use an eraser to pull up an edge of the masking and then pull the masking off with my fingers. You can use the eraser to remove all of the masking or remove it by rubbing lightly with your finger. What ever method works better for you is the one to use. The ease in masking removal is also dependent upon the thickness of the masking fluid applied. The thicker the masking, the easier it is to remove.

The photo above shows the dogwood blooms with the masking removed.

Prepare a wash of the following colors:

Sap Green
Sap Green mixed with Ultramarine Blue
Medium Yellow
Van Dyke Brown

How to paint the dogwood blossoms - petals:
To paint the dogwood blossoms, wet the entire petal area. You will need to do each petal separately. Drop in Crimson in the tips and allow the water to pull the color down toward the center. A little bit of brown is also added to the very tip. A diluted wash of Sap Green is dropped in near the center of the bloom and allowed to pull to the edge. Medium yellow is dropped in several places along the edge of the petals. Allow to dry. When dry, drop in some sap green in the center. Do not completely fill the area with color. Allow to dry.

How to paint the leaves:
Wet each leaf with clean water and while still wet, drop in sap green, ultramarine blue and medium yellow. Allow these colors to blend.

See the photo above as an example.

Next blog, we'll add the branches and finishing touches! Until then,

Happy Painting!


Nathalie said...

Wow so beautiful, I'm going to try it! But I was wondering if it's possible to work with a palete (do you say it like this?) of paint like one of does at the the toy store. Where it doesn't say what color it is? Hopefully you understand :)

BloggerPlus App said...

You can work with any kind of watercolor paint and use any color you would like. One of the small watercolor sets (like children use) will work, you will just need to add quite a lot of water to make enough paint to pour.