Monday, May 27, 2013

Art in a Different Shape!

I have been on vacation these past couple of weeks and was unable to post to my blog from Arizona. I love all sorts of art and collect pottery. I added to my collection while in Arizona and wanted to share a little information about Navajo pottery as well as the photo above.

I collected two pots. The one of the left is Horsehair Pottery. The unique design of Horsehair pottery is created by applying horsehair to the finished pottery piece. Immediately after the prepared clay pot has been fire, a thin layer of horsehair is artistically spread over the pottery. During this process, precise timing and temperatures are required to allow the horsehair to correctly burn into the clay. After the pot has cooled, the Navajo artist cleans the piece and finishs it with a high polish.

The small bowl on the right is also Navajo, This piece was made by a 12 year old Navajo boy using the coiling method. Long strips of clay approximately the diameter of a pencil are coiled together and smoothed to create the desired shape. This bowl was fired in a outdoor fire pit which allowed it to achieve many color variations. This young Navajo artist is learning his trade via the age old methods and is already quite skilled.

I have taken many photos during my travels for watercolor paintings and will be back to a watercolor demo blog next time. Until then -

Happy Painting!

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