Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heads Held High - Part 4

One of my favorite parts of this painting is the large water pots carried regally on top of the ladies heads. Painting pottery can be interesting. I enjoy allowing the watercolors to blend and create their own unique shape and texture. The photo above shows all three pots completely painted.

The pots are painted separately. I am left handed, so I painted the pot on the right first so that I would not brush across the painting before it dried and possibly smear the paint. The pots have touching sides which must dry before the pot next to it can be painted. That way, each pot will not blend into another one and maintain its only individual color and texture. The photo above shows the painted pot "on the right."

The pots use the same color of paints; however, the placement of the paint and the intensity differ on each pot.

The following color paints are used:
-Yellow Ochre
-Burnt Sienna
-Burnt Umber
-Payne's' Gray

I moved from painting the pot on the right to painting the pot on the far left so that I could continue to paint even through the first pot was not dry. See photo above for that completed pot.

Each pot is painted using a wet on wet technique. Completely wet the pot with clean water. Before the water dries, drop in various shades and intensities of paint leaving some areas very light and creating shadows with a darker shade of the same color. Using the photo for reference, drop in the paint and allow it to blend. A small piece of a sponge can be used to add texture.

The last of the three pots cannot be painted until the pots on both sides are completely dry. The photo of all three pots is shown at the top of the blog.

Until next blog,
Happy Painting!

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