Sunday, August 4, 2013

Heads Held High - Part 5

All background and the pots are painted. It is now time to start on our women. The garments in our painting consist of a long sleeved undergarment covered by a long, flowing sari. I love the bright colors in the clothing and how they swirl around the women.

Start first by painting the undergarments. I liked the colors in the photo I am using as a guide, so I used the paint in the same color family as those in my photo. Feel free to use any colors that you may like.

Again, I worked from right to left to prevent any possibility of my hand getting into the wet paint.

First, wet the area to be painted with clean water and allow to dry only long enough for the paint to lose its gloss. Then drop in the paint allowing the paint to run into the wet areas. As the paint dries add deeper shades of the same color to add the folds and wrinkles in the clothing. Allow to dry.

See photo below for reference.

Working in the same style. Paint the saris - starting with the lightest shade of your chosen color and adding deeper shades of the same color to indicate the folds of the garment and the shape of the woman wearing it.

After the saris dry, paint the headbands using a light wash. Details will be added when dry.

See photo at the top of the blog for the finished saris.

Next blog, we will finish the painting! Until next blog....

Happy Painting!

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