Sunday, July 27, 2014


The painting above, "Memories" is a watercolor painting done on Arches 140 lb - 100% rag watercolor paper. I used a muted and limited palette to covey the feeling of drawing from one's memory when viewing the items in the old barn.

First, I sketched the picture and used masking fluid on the following areas that I wanted to remain light or white:

1. Edges of the stairs
2. Cracks between the boards on the wall on the right side that allows sunlight to filter in
3. Old bedframe in the top storage area.
4. Tricycle
5. Highlights on the old pail and gate

Once the masking fluid was dry, I used a wash of the following colors:
- Indigo
- Sepia
- Yellow Ochre

Once the background wash dried, I started laying in details. Since I am left handed I worked from right to left across the page to prevent dragging my hand across my finished work.

As you know from previous blogs, I am an Impressionist painter and prefer the illusion of the items rather than a photographic representation Details are kept to a minimum in this painting with areas of the background blurred allowing the viewer's mind to fill in the details. Notice in the photos below, that bright colors are used in specific places to draw attention to special "memories."

I used varying shades of Sepia, Yellow Ochre, Indigo, and VanDyke Brown to create shadows in the darker areas of the barn with only shadow and shape with no definite object. Notice how the boxes and chest on the upper left are very muted with no definite edges, nor shape. Refer to photo at top to view the finished boxes and chest.

Once you are satisfied with the result of the shading, allow the painting to dry and remove the masking fluid. See photo below. The sun will stream through and provide your highlights.

Check the painting for any details you would like to add. Perhaps a touch of fine detail on the pail or a line or two of detail on the gate and trunk.

I hope you have enjoyed this painting journey into memories in the barn. Until next blog........

Happy Painting!

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Shelley Whiting said...

The painting does convey a nostalgic and vintage look. Very impressive and wonderful work.