Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Paint a Tile

Tile painting
How to Paint a Tile
The photo above is an example of painting a tile.  All sizes of tiles can be painted for multiple uses - from coasters to small tables, etc.  The photo below shows the steps involved in painting a tile.  All tiles regardless of the size or use will be painted using the same method. 
Step 1:
Determine the design you would like on your tile and cut a piece of sketch paper the size of the tile.  Wash tile with warm soapy water to remove any residue that might prevent the paint from adhering to the surface of the tile.   Allow to dry.
Step 2:
Transfer the pattern to the tile.  If the tile is dark in color, rub the back of your pattern with white chalk.  If the tile is light in color, you can use transfer paper.   Using a pencil, trace the design onto the tile.   
Step 3:
Using acrylic paint, paint the design on your tile.  Allow to dry completely.
Step 4:
Spray with a clear sealant to prevent the paint from wearing off. 
The above steps can be used in painting any tiles.  Tiles make great coasters and well as decorative kitchen trivets. 
Use your creativity!
Happy Painting!

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