Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Avenue

I enjoy painting buildings, houses, barns, etc. So. when I saw a photograph of this street scene, I wanted to paint it. This street is a famous shopping area, but I like it because of its bright colors and the tile roofs.

Once the sketching was done, the painting went quickly. Most of the buildings are left white with only shading in places. This shading was done using violet or a mix of rose and Windsor blue. The roofs were painted with a mix of rose, medium yellow and burnt sienna. I varied the amounts of each color on the roofs to include shadow and light. I also used my palette knife to scrape in some tile shapes here and there. The palette knife was also used to scrape in lines on the palm trees and leaves in the palms.

I only used three (3) brushes and a palette knife for this painting. A flat brush to wash in the sky and the street, and to shadow the buildings. I used a #6 round brush for the tile roofs, the windows, and the greenery. A liner brush was used to put in the details on the windows, balconies, street lights, etc.

If you like buildings and streets, give this painting a try. One evening sketching and only an hour or so of painting will give you a fun, street scene that you can enjoy without spending money and shopping!

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