Saturday, October 17, 2009

Plein Air Workshop Masterpieces!

Autumn at Herb Parson's
by Karen

Two weeks ago, the Brush Strokes watercolor class painted on location at Herb Parson's Lake in West Tennessee. Photos of our class were on the blog at that time. Sketches and basic paintings were completed on location with most of the paintings finished in class today.

Debbie's Painting

Each student took a digital photo of their subject, copies were printed, and painting done in class today using the digital photo.

Susan's Painting

What a difference a couple of weeks has made in our weather! Two weeks ago, the weather was warm and sunny. However, today the skies were cloudy and the forecast for tonight is for the possibility of our first frost of the season. Those digital photos came in handy!

Tracy's Painting

The students did a fantastic job on their paintings. Painting "plein air" is much different than painting in a classroom - more difficult in many ways. The photos of the completed paintings are scattered throughout this entry. Paintings are shown in "ABC" order by first name....except for the teacher's - mine is at the top (After all, it is my blog! :) And, every one's painting turned out so well that I simply could not showcase one at the top.). I'll have one more student painting to show in another blog - just as soon as she as she has time to finish it.

Great job, class! Hope you enjoyed this workshop as much as I did!

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