Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spice Junks

The painting above titled "Spice Junks" uses several techniques that I have discussed recently:

1. Painting reflections
2. Use of "wedgies" or an inclined board
3. Blending colors

An inclined board was used to assist with the flow of paint when painting the water and the reflections.

Reflections of the boats as well as the mountains in the distance were painted in the water. With the assistance of the inclined board, the water was painted and then the colors of the mountains and of the boats/sails were dropped into the water and allow to blend.

The sails were painted by blending paint using a wet on wet technique.

Most paintings can be painted using various techniques. I think each artist should use the technique they feel will create the look they are seeking. Using different techniques to paint the same picture will add a different mood and feel to a painting.

I think the main objection in any painting is for the artist to express themselves and enjoy the process. If the first attempt is not successful, try again. After all, to quote one of my students: "It's only paper!"

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