Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Small Detour!

As you know, last weekend I took a hiking trip in the Smokies and photographed several wildflowers. And, I just had to try my hand at painting at least one of them. I'll get back to my acrylic painting that we have been working on for several weeks soon. Sometimes, one must take a detour along the way.....such as this. I usually have more than one painting in progress at the same time. The photo above is the flower I have chosen to paint. The photo of my painting is shown below.

I used watercolors for this painting and a small watercolor journal of 140 lb paper (5 x 7). Instead of my usual tube watercolor paints, I used a pan set of Windsor & Newton.

I lightly sketched my flowers first and then washed in my background. The background was painted by dropping in shades of green, Brunt Umber, and some of the lavender/blue shade I used in my flowers. I wanted a very blurred background so that my flowers would stand out.

After the background dried, I painted my flowers by wetting the petal and dropping in the color at the bottom of the petal and allowing the water to pull the paint up to the top. At the top of the petal, I dropped in a little lemon yellow. It takes a little time, but each petal has to be painted individually to keep the flower from looking like a large "blob"!

I painted the stems last using Sap Green and Raw Umber and dropped in Crimson at the top of the stem where it attaches to the flower.

Any details on the petals were added after the painting was dry.

Look in parks and in your yard for wildflowers...and try your hand at painting what you find - even weeds are fun to paint!

Happy Painting!


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