Saturday, April 7, 2012

Painting Brick Tiles!

The photo above illustrates the sponged application of the paint to antique the brick tiles.

To paint the brick tiles, I prepared a mix of white and yellow ochre paint in various shades to place randomly on the bricks. The masking applied between the brick tiles with keep the mortar lines clean.

Using a sea sponge, I applied the paint using light and heavy pressure to vary the design of the paint. Any paint that may get on the flowers will be covered later when the flowers are painted. So, it is not necessary to work too hard to "stay within the lines."

Allow this paint to dry and then remove the tape. See the photo below as an example of how the brick tiles will look once the artist tape has been removed.

The masking "saved" the mortar between the bricks. Bricks in the real world are never that even. So next week, we will be adding some character to the bricks and making the mortar lines a little uneven in places.

Happy Painting!


Sadami said...

Hi, Karen,
Your work and posts are really lovely. I also love your positive and happy attitude!! (What a coincidence! "Happy Painting" is my blog's ending say.) Keep up.
Kind regards, Sadami

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